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A pool table is a heavy and bulky piece of furniture that requires special handling to prevent damage during the moving process. The guide on how to move a pool table safely will provide you with all the necessary information to safely and efficiently move your pool table.

How To Move A Pool Table Safely

Moving a pool table can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and equipment, it can be done safely and efficiently. Here are the steps on how to move a pool table safely:

  • Gather the right tools and equipment: You will need furniture dollies, furniture straps, a power drill, screwdrivers, and a rubber mallet.
  • Disassemble the pool table: This involves removing the legs, rails, and slate from the table. Take photos or make drawings to help you remember how to reassemble the table.
  • Secure the slate: Wrap the slate in moving blankets to prevent it from cracking or breaking during transport.
  • Load the table onto a furniture dolly: Make sure to secure the table with furniture straps to prevent it from shifting during transport.
  • Transport the table: Move the table slowly and carefully, taking turns and avoiding sharp turns or bumps.
  • Reassemble the table: Use the photos or drawings to reassemble the table in its new location.
  • Level the table: Use shims or a level to make sure the table is level on its new legs.

Why Moving A Pool Table By Yourself Is A Bad Idea?

Moving a pool table is a challenging task. It requires multiple people, proper tools, and equipment to ensure its safety. Attempting to move a pool table alone or with inexperienced individuals can result in personal injury and damage to the table and the surrounding area. The weight of a pool table can range from several hundred to over a thousand pounds. Making it easier to maneuver with proper assistance.

Moreover, the table’s delicate and intricate parts can be easily damaged if not handled correctly. In addition, a pool table is a large and bulky object that requires clearance in doorways, hallways, and stairs, which can be challenging to navigate if you are not familiar with the process. It is always best to hire professional movers to handle the job safely.

How Your Pool Table Type Might Slow Down Your Move?

Consider the type of table and weigh the effort and cost before deciding to move a pool table. The type of pool table you have can significantly impact the speed and difficulty of the move. For example, a slate pool table is considerably heavier than a non-slate table. It requires more care and handling during the moving process. A slate pool table comprises several pieces of heavy slate that make up the playing surface. These pieces are delicate and prone to cracking or chipping if not handled correctly. Furthermore, the slate pieces must be properly levelled and aligned to ensure a smooth and level playing surface. Non-slate tables, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to move, but they are also less durable and tend to warp over time.

How to Move a Slate Pool Table?

The following is a list of key tools needed to disassemble a slate pool table:

  • Screwdrivers: To remove screws that secure the legs and rails of the table.
  • Pliers – To assist in removing nails or staples that may be holding the table together.
  • Wrench: To loosen nuts and bolts that secure the table legs and rails.
  • Tarp or blanket – To wrap and protect the table during transport.
  • Furniture dollies – To move the table from one location to another.

The first step in moving a slate pool table is carefully disassembling it. This involves removing the legs, rails, and playing surfaces and separating them into smaller, more manageable pieces. Be gentle and use caution during this process to prevent damaging the delicate slate pieces.

Once the table has been successfully disassembled and transported, it is important to reassemble it properly. This includes properly aligning and securing the legs, rails, and playing surfaces. To ensure a smooth and level playing surface, it is important to take your time and make adjustments as necessary.

How to Pack a Pool Table for Moving?

Wrapping the table in a protective blanket or tarp and securing it with moving straps can help prevent damage during transportation. When wrapping the table, it is important to protect the delicate playing surface by placing a piece of cardboard or foam between the table and the wrapping material. This will help absorb any bumps or jolts that may occur during transit.

How to Move a Pool Table Without Taking it Apart?

In some cases, it may be optional to disassemble the table. If the pool table can fit through doorways, hallways, and stairs without disassembly. It may be possible to move it without falling apart. However, this is only possible if the table is bigger and has adequate clearance. To move a pool table without disassembly, you will need furniture dollies and several strong people to assist you. The following steps can be followed to move a pool table without disassembly:

  • Clean the surface of the table: remove all accessories, such as balls, cues, and chalk, and clean the surface of the table to avoid scratches or damage during transit.
  • Secure the table’s surface – place a protective tarp or blanket over the table and secure it with moving straps. This will help protect the delicate surface during transit.
  • Place furniture dollies under the legs of the table – Make sure that the dollies are positioned evenly and securely under the legs of the table.
  • Lift the table onto the dollies – with several strong individuals, lift the table onto the dollies and carefully maneuver it towards the door.
  • Move the table through doorways, hallways, and stairs – ensure adequate clearance for the table to pass through without hitting walls, doors, or other obstacles.
  • Load the table onto a moving truck – carefully load it onto the moving truck and secure it to prevent movement during transit.

It is important to note that moving a pool table without disassembly is only sometimes possible and can be very challenging. Even with furniture dollies and several strong people. Suppose you need more clarification about your ability to move the table. Hire professional movers to ensure the safety of the table and those involved in the move.


In conclusion, the safe and efficient movement of a pool table requires proper tools, equipment, and personnel. Whether disassembling the table or moving it as a whole, following the necessary precautions is crucial to preventing damage and ensuring safe transport. Remember the key to a successful move is following the steps of how to move a pool table safely.

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